A solar sytem for the Drop-In-Center

Drop-In-Center of the Umhambi project

A long-cherished wish of the employees on site could be fulfilled with our help last year:

the installation of a computer room in the drop-in center.

Access to knowledge and education, the opportunity to get information and to develop further is an important step on the way to a better future. We owe this to donations from Germany and Labdoo, a non-profit organization that provides IT donations for children all over the world (Labdoo.org).

The country’s political and economic situation is disastrous and the people are doing badly. Electricity and water are rationed in Victoria Falls, i.e. Electricity is currently only available for a maximum of 12 hours, mostly at night, and water is increasingly turned off. An improvement in the economic or political situation is not in sight at the moment and is rather unlikely.

So that the newly set up computer room can really be used, but also so that other, future projects can be implemented, the installation of a solar system is essential. In addition, it makes sense to install an air conditioning system in the computer room at temperatures of up to 40 ° C in summer.

In 2019, but again this year, we submitted an application to the German Embassy in Harare to support this project (small project fund of the German Embassy). Due to the corona pandemic, however, the applications are currently not being processed and have been postponed indefinitely.