Food distribution at times of Corona

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The pandemic has also reached Africa, although there are no reliable numbers (as little is being tested). There was also a lockdown and shops and schools were closed.

With tourism stalling, no more flights landing, those fortunate enough to have a job are now unemployed. The political situation is tense, there is still a night curfew, not just as a result of the lockdown. To make matters worse, the harvest more or less failed this year due to the drought and people are starving. Since the schools are still closed, there is no school lunch, often the only meal for the children.

Misheck and his colleagues from Umhambi have decided to use the school fees to buy food and make it available to the children and their families due to the need on site. There are 83 children on Umhambi’s list. If you do not count those who receive other support, there are currently 50 children who depend on help in the form of food. We transferred funds from which Misheck bought and distributed Maze (corn flour), oil and sugar. His report can be read here: