General Meeting 2022

Review of the successful year 2021 and outlook for 2022 – First general meeting on the 21st of May 2022 in Heidelberg  

After a year of pandemic, we as a still young association could finally hold our first general meeting in presence at the end of May 2022. Nine of us looked back on our achievements and successes in 2021 and on the financial means we used. 

Support in school education  

We succeeded in supporting about 100 orphans and half-orphans in their school education by financing their school fees and providing school uniforms and stationery. For particularly indigent children, we also provide food and medicine.  

Arrival of the container  

In addition, the overseas container that began its journey to Zimbabwe in late December 2020 has arrived in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe after several hurdles and challenges, and with it bicycles, sewing machines, as well as medical supplies and equipment such as hospital beds and an ultrasound machine. The bicycles in particular bring much joy to the Umhambi children. Regular bicycle tours are now part of the children’s usual leisure program.  

Sewing project  

We continue to be very grateful for the 15 donated sewing machines with which we were able to start our “Help for Self-Help” sewing project. This enables women to sew school uniforms and thus independently finance a part (and soon completely if the project continues to be successful) of their livelihood. 

Solar power system for the Drop-In Center  

Another highlight in 2021 was the completion and commissioning of a solar plant for the Drop-In Center in Victoria Falls. Our funding application to the German Embassy in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, was approved, allowing the solar system to be installed in July 2021. This will allow computers for computer courses and internet research, as well as the electric sewing machines, to be supplied with electricity without interruptions, which is not possible with the sole supply from the unstable public power grid. 

With this review of the year and the view on the successes of Umhambi Children’s Fountain of Hope e. V. we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all donors, donations in kind and money alike, who made the realization of these projects possible. You contribute to a better future for the children and women in Victoria Falls. Thank you very much!  

Outlook 2022  

However, we did not only use the general meeting to talk about the past year, but also to elect a new board of directors and to plan the projects for the current year 2022.  

The biggest and most ambitious project for 2022 is the construction of a new building to house a larger sewing room for the sewing project, toilets, a kitchenette and a meeting room. The costs for this new building are estimated at € 10,000 – € 15,000, which we will have to finance through donations. In addition, we would like to establish a volunteer program, which we have already started as a pilot project in 2021. Volunteers should get the chance to live together with the locals and become part of the daily life in Victoria Falls. From teaching at the local school, to working as a kindergarten teacher, to assisting as a ranger in the national park, a variety of activities are possible. We are excited and looking forward to putting the volunteer program into action.  

Furthermore, we also want to participate in the construction of an Early Childhood Development Learning Center in Silibinda (about 55 km outside of Victoria Falls) and support the construction of a hospital ward in Monde (about 23 km south of Victoria Falls), where our 9 hospital beds, which already arrived with the container in 2021, will be installed.  

As a board and members, we are looking forward to the planned projects with great anticipation and enthusiasm. But we also know that we can only realize them with your help.