Support for setting up a hospital

About 14 miles southwest of Vicfalls lies the township of Monde. The people here are poor; hospital treatment in the nearest NGO hospital is expensive and thus not affordable for them, since the bill has to be paid in US dollars. Nobody here has health insurance, and, given that almost no one has a vehicle here, the nearest public hospital in Victoria Falls cannot be quickly reached in an emergency. The residents have therefore joined forces with the aim of building an infirmary. Bricks have been purchased, there is a beautiful plot of land and a building plan has been made; the project is supposed to start soon.

With our container, we brought a total of 9 hospital beds to Victoria Falls, to be placed in the new building. When the time comes, we will try to help provide the hospital with the necessary items. Given the ambitious plans of the locals in Monde, this should be the case as early as the end of this year, something we very much look forward to